Business Domain

Oil Industries’ Commissioning and Operation Company initiated its professional activity by Siri NGL project. Later by commissioning and completing oil and gas projects and implementing international methodologies, started training professionals for the operation of the completed projects. OICO was the first private company in Iran to perform operation, production, maintenance and overhaul of national oil and gas projects.

Integrated Service Delivery

OICO runs pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance, technical support, consultancy services and managing contract according to international standards based on an integrated localized model for all oil, gas, Petro refinery and petrochemical projects. By implementing OPERCOM and ICAPS, OICO paves the way for commissioning engineering and early production plans. This approach leads to preparation of all documents for PAC and FAC and to easily implement physical asset management system.

Consultancy and Managing Contract

Due to lessons learned in commissioning and project completion, consultancy and managing contract services can be provided by OICO experts

  • commissioning Managing Contract
  • Commissioning-based and early production-oriented project management
  • Commissioning-based procurement management.
  • Construction completion certificate- based Punch clearance management.
  • Task force approach in project management
  • Stock out management
  • Work front planning

Pre-commissioning, commissioning and commercial production

After the construction completion and readiness to start commissioning, OICO applies the following steps:

  • Running primary checks to ensure construction correctness
  • Construction punch clearance management
  • Performing cold and hot tests (Pre-commissioning and commissioning)
  • Plant feeding, production and start up
  • Running Performance test for equipment, units and the whole project

Technical services and consultancy

OICO can provide the following services backed by a solid team of experts and veterans in energy industry:

  • Commissioning and operation engineering
  • Construction completion expedition based on risk management criteria
  • Technical and operational solutions
  • Estimation for procurement of chemicals, catalysts, oil and other consumables
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Provision of expert work force
  • On the Job Training
  • HSE and waste management

Operation, maintenance and overhaul

After the construction completion, the following services are provided by OICO for operation and maintenance:

  • Sustainable production according to approved technical specifications and considering environmental rules and obligations
  • Normal operation guarantee for refineries
  • Final Acceptance Certificate Issuance
  • Physical asset management system Implementation based on international methodologies.
  • Emergency and preventive maintenance and overhauls oriented at:
    • Improving stability in equipment efficiency
    • Improving maximum equipment efficiency
    • Cost reduction in operation and maintenance
    • Production increasing

Construction Completion Expedition

Commissioning oriented services for Construction completion management and expedition, TFT meetings and operation

Implementing ICAPS, based on OPERCOM methodology

Implementing ICAPS to manage pre-commissioning, commissioning and documentation for project delivery

Commissioning engineering

Provision of commissioning engineering services from the phase of basic engineering to operation aimed at reduction of project time. Defining systems and sub-systems, providing pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up procedures, providing operational-based guidelines, completion and early production scenarios, defining start-up priorities, identifying spare parts for commissioning and implementing ICAPS

Commissioning and supervision

Pressure and leakage tests, Solo run tests, Loop tests, mechanical tests, estimation for tools, equipment, consumables, spare parts, temporary equipment and suppliers’ supervision

Pre-commissioning and supervision

Leak tests, cable insulation tests, calibration, alignment cold tests, estimations for tools, equipment, consumables, spare parts and temporary equipment requirements

Start-up and performance tests

Pre-startup tests like OTP and degreasing, start up and performance stabilization, total performance tests for units and refinery.

Maintenance and supervision

Maintenance of rotary and fixed equipment, instruments and electrical equipment

Intelligent Pig running utilizing innovative approaches

Commissioning, operation and maintenance of pipelines

Physical Asset management system implementation

Physical asset management or to say procurement and construction cycle, operation, maintenance, waste management and vital equipment management are pivotal elements in the success of a business. The more an organization is operational and equipment-based, the more important is asset availability and maintenance. To achieve this, OICO considers such issues in its strategic goals, staff, maintenance procedures and techniques, performance management, material and spare part management, logistics systems, equipment-oriented procedures, teamwork and optimum-based procedures are in place.

All such activities are performed to achieve, sustainability, reliability, availability of equipment, maintenance cost optimization and productivity.

Technical Training Courses

Organizing new employee training plans and crash courses, devising exams, interviews and running theoretical and applied technical courses and later OJTs in refineries and plants. 

Mid-career trainings such as HSE and technical operation courses 

service to client training courses such as basic and advanced HSE both theoretical and applied in commissioning, operation and maintenance projects