The Presence of Venezuelan Deputy of Oil Minister at OICO CO

The Presence of Venezuelan Deputy of Oil Minister at OICO CO

According to the Public Relations Department of OICO Co., Mr. Juan Santana, deputy minister for gas affairs of national oil company of Venezuela (PDVSA), met with senior executive managers of OICO Co.
Saturday، 10 December 2022

The meeting was held on Tuesday 14th October, 2022, to help acquaint the Venezuelan board with the capabilities and capacities of OICO Co., starting with Mr. Peyvandi, senior consultant of CEO, appreciating their attendance.   

Then, Mr. Kosari, OICO’s Technical and Engineering manager, and Dr. Sepahvand, OICO’s HSE manager, described the capabilities and various oil, Gas & petrochemicals services of OICO Co., considering the company's role in oil and gas production of the country, much significant; Thereupon mentioned entering three new service fields, including Intelligent Pigging, Enterprise Asset Management and Process Safety as top 3 approaches of the company.

Mr. Santana expressed gratitude for his acquaintance with OICO; He then added, there are many common and diverse areas for cooperation, as mentioned by OICO's managers, which entails PDVSA representatives to survey OICO’s infrastructure and projects to draw out a distinct road map for future cooperation and set a memorandum of agreement between the two parties. 

Throughout the course of the meeting, Dr. Karam Beigi, the vice president of Petroleum Industry Innotech Park, recognized OICO Co. as a trusted strategic partner to the Petro Park.

It is worth mentioning that Venezuela has higher than 303 billion barrels of oil reserves reported (19.5% of the world's oil reserves), making Venezuela the world's largest owner of oil reserves.

  • The Presence of Venezuelan Deputy of Oil Minister at OICO CO