Physical asset management software

In order to oblige the National Oil Company to establish physical assets management and the need to preserve national assets in the country's oil and gas industry, Oiko has started to produce physical asset management software (DARA), in compliance with the latest international maintenance standards (ISO-55000) for Provides use in all departments of the company. The software is prepared in accordance with Oiko maintenance protocols, some of its features include the following:

  • Asset Management: This subsystem was created and implemented with NORSOK Z-008 and ISO 14224 standards and includes equipment management sections along with its technical tree data.
  • Inventory: This subsystem is created with the ability to define and manage stock, spare parts and tools.
  • Administrator: This subsystem is capable of defining the basic information of the software and human resource management (HRM) system. 
  • WorkFlow Management: This subsystem is designed and developed under the BPMN2 standard with the ability to define work procedures. The user simply designs and implements the procedure of doing the work with high UI/UX capability and Drag&Drop. Therefore, net PM and EM activities can be easily designed.